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Custom Quilting

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Custom quilting covers requires a consultation with Scraps by Heather but you can get started with the basics here.  Custom quilting costs begin at $0.04/square inch and adjust up from there depending on the complexity and density.

This listing allows you to purchase batting & backing.   Quilting costs will be billed at quilt completion.


How to measure your quilt top

Measure width across top/middle/bottom along the horizontal line of your quilt & choose the longest measurement.    Repeat the process for the vertical edge of your quilt to get your length.

Multiply the length * width to obtain total square inches.   You will enter this number under Step 2 Size & Density.

Example – 60×60 = 3,600 sq in (multiple your length & width)

Prepping your quilt & what to deliver/ship to me

  • Finish the quilt top
  • If you have a pieced outer border, stitch 1/4″ from the edge to stabilize the exposed piecing
  • Backing if you don’t purchase from SbHeather  6-8″ larger all around (66×66-68×68″ for our example above)
  • Batting if you don’t purchase from SbHeather 6-8″ larger all around

Small Print Details

  • Shipping is buyers’ responsibility both to & from SbHeather


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