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Workshops & Guild Talks

Heather would love to come speak with your guild, quilting group or quilt shop.


Digital Custom Fabric Printing 

Lecture - Digital Custom Fabric Printing

An hour long presentation covering digital vs traditional fabric printing. We will discuss the pros & cons of digital fabrics, commercial use of digital printing, and a high level view of how to create your own custom fabrics. 

This lecture is predominantly a PowerPoint. 

Workshop - Faux T-shirt Quilts with Spoonflower 

Does your spouse, son, daughter, grandchild etc. have a treasure trove of T-shirts they want you to put into a quilt? Are some of them overly worn & have holes that you aren’t sure how to deal with? Do you have zero interest in dealing with sewing T-shirt jersey & using stabilizer? Are the T-shirts still in a daily rotation in the closet? Do you have treasured mementos that you want to share amongst quilts for multiple people? 

This workshop will teach you how to make a faux (or fake) T-shirt quilt. No cutting of T-shirts. No patching of holes. You can make multiple quilts identical or slightly different. Matching pillow cases—Yes to all! 

We will use our laptops (Windows or Mac—not iPad or Chromebook), cell phone or camera & Adobe Express, Canva (online tools) or Adobe Photoshop  to create printable fabrics. Either individual faux T-shirts you can later cut out & piece together or a whole cloth quilt in cotton or T-shirt jersey to have quilted. No scissors or sewing machines are required for this course. 


Improvisational Quilting 

Lecture - Improv Quilting

An hour long presentation covering what is improvisational quilting, examples of various styles & ideas of how to get started testing the waters of improv quilting. 

Workshop - Traditional Sampler Improv Quilting  

In this workshop we will create an Improvisational quilt using traditional blocks as a baseline. This is a great class for a first time quilter to test out improvisational quilting. We will cover various techniques for block assembly & how to make your sampler more or less “improvie”. By using traditional blocks we can cover several techniques that you will be able to go home & test out on your own. Sewing machines & supplies will be needed. 


Trunk Show & Traditional Quilting 

Lecture - Maximizing your Quilting & Quilting by Check

An hour long presentation discussing how to maximize your LongArm quilting. I will talk about how to identify which quilts benefit from simple E2E design vs those that truly deserve more.    This is a guided trunk show!

Workshop - KC STar Sampler Quilt

An opportunity to create your own modern quilt using KC Star blocks from the 1920s-40s! We will begin (but likely not finish) this unique quilt. I will walk the class through the basics of paper piecing & provide guidance. The stars are set in a modern layout with a good quantity of negative background space. This quilt pattern was originally worked as a 6 month BOM with 2 stars per month. 

You will have access to a private Facebook group with others who are currently working or have worked the quilt. In addition since this class is in person, I will print your patterns for you. 

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