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To join our next quilt along which starts August 3, 2020 you will need to pre-order the Love Notes Mystery Quilt. This is a 40×40″ quilt with alot going on! It is a mystery – so even I don’t know exactly what it will look like. There are multiple pieces to this quilt. You can jump in to make sure you have it all – or dangle your feet & make it up as you go along with your own stash.

The key first step is the Pattern. You can choose embroidery or sewing version. If you have an embroidery machine that has upload ability – definitely get the embroidery version. I will be doing this quilt with the Sewing version – I have alot of machines here but alas – no embroidery (yet). There is a fabric kit which has everything you need for the top & binding, a backing kit to match & an embellishment kit.

If you want to keep it simple, order the EVERYTHING bundle – you save 10% and don’t have to worry that you picked everything you needed up.

I will ship the fabrics & embellishments the beginning of August with the first week of the kit. I will follow up with monthly “Love Notes” mailed to your doorstep with each week’s pattern. Now…. I’m expecting this quilt to be more detailed & I may not finish each clue every week…. so don’t worry about having to “keep up” – just don’t go looking for the spoilers for the next clue.

Join us on facebook at to keep in touch with the quilt along & I will continue to have weekly Zoom or Microsoft Teams meet ups.

We are currently working through a Quarantine Quilt Along with ~weekly meet ups on zoom. To purchase the kit for this quilt along go here.

Quilt KC offers Edge2Edge and Custom long arm quilting including your pieced quilt tops needing overall quilting, t-shirt quilts from scratch, helping you to find a pre-made quilt top for me to finish if you don’t sew and more.   

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