Simply Quilts

These quilts are sometimes referred to as “whole cloth” quilts in quilting circles. 

Each quilt will be a single fabric with all over quilting design of your choice.  The single fabric may be either a solid or print pattern.

These quilts are all sized as a coverlet unless noted.  A coverlet  will cover the mattress, box spring & allow for a pillow tuck.  The cost for a comforter size in the basic 3 color option is shown in the last table & is the most economical option.  A comforter will cover the mattress but not the box spring & will not have length for a pillow tuck (this is what you have likely bought at the store).

Currently available fabrics may be viewed below.

You can choose any basic E2E pantograph for your stitching.  Email me to start a conversation about one today.

You may wonder “Can I just buy flat bed sheets & have you quilt those?”  Yes & No.   A bed sheet has a much higher thread density than quilting cotton does.  That density makes quilting it more difficult for the machine, is prone to issues with stitching and is also unforgiving if any changes need to be made.  A bedsheet is also a finished fabric so I will have to remove stitching for existing seams or cut them off (resulting in a smaller quilt).   All of these issues will make it take longer & cost more for me to quilt it which likely offsets any cost savings you see initially over the use of high quality fabrics intended for use in a quilt.