Long Arm Quilting

Professional Machine Quilting Services


If you are a quilt maker I would love to finish your quilt top for you.


If you would love a custom quilt but don’t sew – I can help you find a quilt top and finish it for you.  Some great places to look include

  • etsy – search for quilt top or vintage quilt top
  • Grandma’s attic – if you have a family member who sews or who did, see what they have lying around


When you decide to send me a quilt top; please send an email first with a few photos & ideas (heather@quiltkc.com).  If you are local in the KC area we can meet in person to discuss as well.

Basic Services

  • Machine Basting 3″ squares for hand quilters – $0.0075/sq inch
  • All over free hand stipple, meander, loops moderately dense and simple pantographs – $0.015/sq inch
  • Complex pantographs, higher density free hand design, slightly detailed designs including some ruler work (geometric or curved designs) in highlight areas – $0.02/sq inch
  • All over use of rulers (baptist fans, geometric designs), detailed & high density fills such as pebbles – $0.025/sq inch & up

Some items may incur additional charges such as unique/special order threads & machine binding.

How to estimate costs

Measure your quilt top.  We will use 60×60 as an example.

  • 60×60 = 3,600 sq in (multiple your length & width)
  • Basic quilting will run $0.015/sq in = so 3600*0.015 = $54
  • If you purchase batting from me I stock 93″wide Quilters’ Dream batting for $10-16/yard depending on fabric & loft.  You would need approximately 2 yards for the sample 60×60 quilt.
  • Return shipping will be billed to you and will be about $15-20 dependent upon quilt size, weight etc.

What should you send to me

  • Quilt Top
  • Backing (sewn if necessary)
  • Batting if you don’t purchase from me
  • Binding if you want your binding attached to the front of the quilt
  • Any ideas or sketches you want me to utilize

Small Print Details

  • Shipping is buyers’ responsibility both to & from me
  • I will bill you at quilt completion & will ship when the bill has been paid in full.