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Welcome to the newly redesigned Quilt KC website. You can now order your quilting services directly from the website. If you just want to look around, get ideas & contact me to set up a meeting that’s great too.

How does it work you ask?

Long Arm Quilting

Long Arm Quilting offered by Quilt KC included edge-to-edge (E2E), semi custom and full custom. You can order all of your quilting needs directly from here for E2E quilting. Custom or semi-custom quilting will include a consult and final costs will be determined at that point.

When ordering quilting you will need to know a few basic things. They are detailed in the product itself but include quilt size, quilting density and also how to prep your quilt & your quilt backing.

T-Shirt, Memory & Complete Quilts

These are quilts Quilt KC makes for you from start to finish. For Tshirt or memory quilts you provide your favorite T-shirts or baby clothes, sports memorabilia (things like rally towels) etc.

A few site updates

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I have made a few changes to the blog (already) that hopefully add some functionality that you will enjoy!

First – if you click on the pictures, they will come up in the same window and you can move around them as many are far larger than the window – but that helps you see the details of the images.  To return to the blog just click in the black space above or below the picture.  (I do need to reload the most recent pages so they aren’t quite so large in the window)

Second – You can subscribe to the RSS feed (link on the right side menu).

Third – You can share a post with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, MySpace etc. etc. etc.  or email the post by clicking the Share/Save button at the bottom of the post.