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Project Life that is!

I do have a few more December Daily posts to write up & post, but meanwhile I am trying to stay caught up (or nearly so) with my 2012 Project Life.  I’m mapping out Week 4-7 this week.  So far I have lots of pictures picked, cropped & enhanced.  I need to pick which I am using, resize to print & add journaling to a few.  Plus of course the rest of the page design.


I have the first 3 weeks of 2012 done & will photograph/upload them soon!  I find myself struggling with having too many pictures.  Not quite enough to fully utilize a baseball sheet most weeks, not nice enough to warrant full-out scrapbook pages.  I have been able to fit in what I really want for now; but I’m not leaving a space for fun artistic stuff.  I still am very much enjoying this process though because hey – I’m still within 1 month of current & since I am printing off-site that’s with my goal!

The biggest thing I have changed recently – changing to Aperture (I was using iPhoto) – and I LOVE it!  iPhoto was great – but I outgrew it & so did my photo collection. Aperture runs faster with my large pile of photos, lets me do more organizing of the pictures locations on my hard drive, and best of all – it has AWESOME tools for quick photo retouching/enhancing.  I am LOVING not using  Photoshop so much – it saves me ALOT of time.   What’s surprising is I dismissed the editing features (because I have Photoshop of course) and changed so that I can easily take my organized library with me from my desktop to the laptop & have it exactly the same regardless of where I am working on things… that works great too!

My hangup with printing pictures isn’t sending them off to print; it’s the cropping/brightening/darkening/retouching in general that gets me behind.  If you have a Mac & use iPhoto but  want a bit more, try the 30 day trial of Aperture & see if you don’t fall in love like I did (and no I am NOT getting paid to support Aperture).



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