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Wishes by kids… sometimes they are cute, sometimes silly, sometimes sad & sometimes they break your heart because you know you just can’t grant it.    Andy has started believing in magic in the last year or so.  It’s so fun to watch him wave a magic wand & tell me he is making things disappear or fly, etc.   He doesn’t often make “wishes”… you know the serious “I wish for …” sentence that doesn’t necessarily involve whatever toy is in front of him at the moment (all kids wish for that).  But he’s made a few.


Andy made a wish in February while we were at Disney for “another kid” in our family.  Took nearly 4.5 years before he asked for a little brother or sister.   This wish could have been horribly sad for us parents.  We had nearly given up having another kiddo.   Sometimes things just work out though because I was pregnant but Andy didn’t know it.  We suggested he make a Mickey wish which he did…. and then we came home & he started telling everyone he was getting another kid…. ah thanks buddy!

I knew he believed his wish came true but I didn’t realize just how much credibility he put into it.   He also believes babies come from God; not Mickey after all.

Alot of my friends know I have some back issues that generally don’t bother me unless I start running – or get pregnant.   Needless to say they have been bothering me.  I think Andy sees it more than anyone else – Kevin included.  Andy is around me so much more & sees that I don’t do the same fun stuff I used to do with him.   I’ve explained why, that it will go away when Sam gets here (hopefully) & that I felt the same way before I had him.    This morning after getting breakfast ready I had a sharp nerve pain (those are becoming all too frequent) & sat down quickly with an “argh” type comment.  He said “what’s the matter mommy?”   I told him I just hurt a little bit but it would go away.

He looked at me so concerned & said “I should have wished for that.”  He looked so sad in that moment.  I said “Buddy when you made your wish I didn’t hurt though… and I’m not sure a wish could fix me.”   He followed up with…. “Could we ask God to take Sam back so you can feel better?”   Sweet boy but no.  I explained to him it only hurts for a few more months & then I will feel much better just like when we had him.  I also explained that we were so excited for Sam that it would be worth it.   The whole exchange left me thinking how sweet Andy was watching out for me, how creepy it was to wish away your baby brother and just overall the silliness that he was so serious about it.

Here’s hoping that as he gets older he remembers just enough of this to know how important he is & how loved & wanted he & Sam both are…. and hopefully he doesn’t offer to wish his baby brother away again!


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