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Ok – time for some non-scrappy/quilty/crafty updates.

I have been working on decorations for Andy’s big-boy Lego room.   Picked out some fun Lego guys & I have good traces for my Silhouette to cut out.   I have side view of Legos & even a mock-up of one wall.  Next up is figuring out what goes where & how big … then cut cut cut!

As for the new guy… and yes he is a boy!  Planning out a room & the minimal new purchases we need to make.  Luckily I saved 95% of Andy’s stuff (the 5% of stuff I don’t have was mostly stuff we didn’t like anyway – other than the carseat but it was expiring).   For his room I am going to buy mostly “big boy” furniture….. why do I need a baby dresser anyway, right?   We are going to use the exact same furniture we did for Andy’s big boy room – Pottery Barn Kids “Camp” collection – but in Navy instead of brown this time.  I was hoping PBKids made Navy cribs (they don’t) so we are getting the basic non-convertible Kendall in white.  So navy & white for room colors!  That was easy!   I don’t have a wall color yet, but I did pick a quilt.   I will try to find bedding that looks good with the quilt rather than a whole bedding set this time.   The quilt is a vintagie looking Mickey quilt (I see that it is back to $79 now – I snagged it on sale for $47!).

At first I thought that was maybe a bit cliche, but looking back I think it is perfect.   When we went to Disney in February we knew we were pregnant, but it wasn’t “official” so Andy didn’t.    He had never… not one time… asked for a sibling.  While we were sitting at Epcot enjoying a snack break he looked around at all of the other families (and 95% are 2 kid families at Disney).   You could tell he was thinking about something & then he looked at us “Hey guys….. I really wish we had 2 kids”.   We were a few days into the vacation already & I think he was really missing having other kids around that he knew & could play with.   We suggested that maybe since we were at Disney he could make a “Mickey wish” (thinking about it later our priest would probably have choked hearing that but it seemed appropriate and cute).   He did – he even said it out loud.   At 4 years old he believed 100% that everything at Disney was real & Mickey Magic was in full effect!   After we returned home Andy thought it was a done deal – that he was getting “a new kid”.   We explained that yes we were having another kid, but that it would be a baby.  He’s ok with that too.  Kevin & I had picked out a baby Mickey toy at Downtown Disney already too.   The combination of all of that plus hunting for navy/white bedding & finding that Mickey quilt just seemed a perfect fit.

I hope you all have “A Magical Day”!

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