What a difference a week makes

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… ok it’s been 2.5 weeks, but I was on top of this picture being 1 week difference!  And can I just say WOAH… I know this is supposedly “natural”, but sometimes it just seems so UNnatural!


So obviously Sam is here!   He  weighed EXACTLY the same as Andy did (8#5oz)!  I feel SOOOO much better!   When you have back problems & you undergo the above transformation (the majority in about 5 minutes) your back feels spectacular afterwards!

Welcome SamAndy was awesome.   We had been planning a 39week induction on Thursday for quite a while, but the hospital is newly renovated & VERY full so my doctor wasn’t able to get us in.   On Wednesday he told me he did get us in at his backup hospital for Friday.   We had no paperwork done there, our pediatrician’s office didn’t go there.   It was fairly stressful…. oh & on Tuesday we had an ultrasound that told us Sam was measuring 9#14oz (an u/s 3 weeks earlier was in line with this giant size – we were shocked when he was over 1.5# less at delivery)!

Thursday morning Kevin headed off to work, I was chilling with nowhere to go, Andy was still asleep but expecting a surprise fun day – I was planning a trip to Legoland.  Best decision ever – NOT to tell Andy what the surprise was because the originally planned hospital called and offered us a spot…. “Can you be here in 20 minutes?”  ahhh no, but an hour probably.  Luckily I had most of our stuff packed and the friends lined up to originally take Andy still could.  It felt a bit more like “omg my water just broke” than going in for a “scheduled” induction!

How have things changed around here?   Oddly Sam just seems to fit in.   He’s been a really good baby so far… please stay that was Sam!  Figuring out when to feed Sam to get Andy breakfast & everybody in clothes, out the door & to the preschool by 9am has been a challenge, but we’ve made it so far.  The biggest problem has been that everyone has gotten sick in the 2 weeks he’s been home…. GAH!  The last thing you want around a newborn is sick people… what do you do when they live with you!?

With Andy I wasn’t very good at breastfeeding…. and oddly I didn’t intend to even do it, but once he was there I got VERY hung up on making it work & drove myself crazy.   Totally bat-s#@t crazy.  I finally gave up at about 1 month.   This time I had a plan… I would do it for a week, see how it went & go from there.  I would give him supplements easily but NOT pump or go crazy.  If in a week it wasn’t working I’d be done.   Well… then Andy seemed kindof sick the 2nd day we were home…. and it lingered, but with Andy sometimes allergies do that…. either way – the best way to protect Sam was to keep on BFing.  Ok…. until Andy’s better for sure.    Then Kevin got sick…. Then I got sick.   Luckily BFing seems to be going a ‘bit’ better this time.   I still don’t have a super supply, but it seems to be nearly enough.  Sam is gaining weight & already past birth weight (yea!), but he is getting a bottle offered after most meals – we’ve wasted alot of formula when he drinks none of the bottle, and that’s OK.  I have caved in and pumped some…. at first for curiosity, now  just as I have a free few minutes or want an excuse to spend 20 minutes in front of the computer in peace.   Trying very hard to not go crazy though.  Kevin’s keeping an eye on that for me too – making sure to let me know if he sees signs of crazy!

Did I say Sam is a sleeper? HOW DO YOU DO IT mamas with babies who don’t sleep?  I have a hard enough time sleeping my 3 hours, waking him up, changing him, feeding him etc. & going back to sleep for another 3 hours at night….. CANNOT imagine – and please Sam if you are listening as I type this – don’t make me learn.

Here are some nicer pictures I took myself when Sam was ~1 week old.   We also have been to see our friend Lea Murphy and I am anxiously waiting to see what her pictures all look like!  We’ve seen her preview, which is on her fb page here.

Sam says hi!




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