Black Friday, Cyber Monday, ACK!!!!

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Are you a Black Friday shopper?  I have friends who LOVE to Black Friday shop!  I am NOT one of them.  I will go out if there is something I know I want & I know where the sale is… but I prefer Cyber Monday.

Here is why I am not a Black Friday person…

  • Finding the deals – seriously who has the time for that?
  • Crowds – nuf said
  • Freezing my tail off in a line outside

Cyber Monday has some problems of it’s own too…

  • Finding the deals… see above
  • Timing the deals (I have a 4yr old  and before that I worked on Cyber Monday)

So what to do?

  • Finding the deals
    • To start this year I have a friend who has a wonderful website with ALL (or at least most) of the Black Friday deals!  If you want something, check out Tracie’s “Penny Pinchin’ Mom” site.
  • Crowds
    • Head out, have fun & instead of taking it seriously try looking for the craziest people around you & have a good laugh!
  • Freezing
    • Not sure about your weather – but it is actually supposed to be fairly nice here in KC this year!  If not – bundle up!
  • Timing the Cyber Monday deal
    • My only real advice here is taking the day off of work & getting a babysitter or mommy’s helper if you have  a kid around.


Pay yourself when to shop!  My friend Melissa told me about this great website. Basically – go shopping online, but before you buy check out your Ebates page to see if there is a cash-back offer or other deal for the store.  Click on it – then proceed to your shopping bag to checkout.  You will get cash back (paid periodically – see the site for full details) for buying what you would have anyway!  You can still use coupons, discount cards etc. too!

Ebates signup link.  When you sign up using this link, I get a referral bonus.   Once you sign up – let your friends know & you can get a referral bonus too.

If you are heading out for BF or Cyber Monday enjoy yourself!


To help you out I am including my links for Amazon’s Black Friday fun!

Amazon Cyber Monday preview