LiT Ep5: Make your own stencil (and a Pottery Barn inspired holiday wall art)

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Ok yes I know this is a Thursday, not a Tuesday – but I am still calling it Learn it Tuesday because I can!

You may remember, my friend Kristen ( asked for some Silhouette help recently.   Well we decided to work together more often!  Fun for both of us & I am so very excited & thankful for this opportunity to work with such a good friend doing something we enjoy!

This month we decided to make a holiday wall art project & used this Pottery Barn Peace Sign… ($129!!!!!) for inspiration.  I think ours turned out great & cost FAR LESS to make!

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LiT Ep4: Design your own “Print&Cut” jelly jar labels

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Ok first – yes it isn’t Tuesday!   Second – hey – a new video!  It’s about time!  The most challenging part?  Finding enough time when a 5week old, a 5year old and a dog are all quiet (oh & when my hubby isn’t home, because then nobody is quiet)!

My friend Kristen ( asked for some Silhouette help recently.  She was trying to make labels for some homemade grape jelly.   Simple right?  Well…. printing on a label & then cutting it sure is simple on the Cameo – IF you know how to do it!   So I wanted to share how I quickly helped her out.

Here is one of her labels – didn’t it turn out gorgeous?


And here is my how-to video.   We used a regular cut label that is meant to cut 3 different paper to make a layered label and turned it into a print & cut label with custom text & the printed purple border.  She used Silhouette’s Printable Silver Foil paper.

Here is the video – let me know if you need more help or have any questions & definitely check out Kristen’s blog for the jelly details!

Houses, rooms and more

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So…. what have I been up to (beyond ignoring my blog)?

I have been working to finish card table playhouses for a few friends!   I am using this pattern (with my own tweaks & changes) from a local designer Shea Henderson aka Empty Bobbin.  If you are ever interested in making one of these I will tell you this – I worked my tail off with sales, value cotton, coupons etc. & bought all of the fabric at JoAnn fabric (complete with the  requisite 1 hr waiting for your number to be called).  I picked up the fabric right before Christmas & spent ~$75/house.   So – these things are NOT cheap – so when you see them on etsy for $200-250 and they aren’t felt they are soooo not charging too much (trust me felt/flannel would be a quicker sew job because you don’t have to worry about finishing raw fabric edges).   Now – that isn’t to say that you ‘should‘ spend that much money on one – find a friend with a machine & make it yourself!

Card Table Front

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Big changes around here

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Sorry I have been MIA for the last… well quite a while already!

I had great plans to start the year off with lots of posts.  And then the morning sickness hit.  I have no clue how working moms deal with this!  I was a working mom-to-be with Andy, but I had NO morning sickness.  I remember being more tired, but nothing like what I’ve had this time around.  Really on the whole this is great news!  It is something we’ve wanted for quite a while & were wondering if it would happen.  Luckily come September we will be a family of 4!

I am feeling better now (ok – for less than a week & not wholly better; but we’ll take it as a good sign)… so that means blog updates are coming back!

Other big news…. I have been teaching a few Silhouette classes at The Scrapbook Page locally.  The owners are retiring (Congratulations!) which means I will no longer be teaching there.   I have no intention of teaching elsewhere in town – I started there are a favor to the owners & a good friend of mine Monika Ogilvie (who is starting back up her blog – Scrappy Girl – soon too).  What I WILL be doing is…..


Most of the sharing will be in Learn it Tuesday videos, but I may have some step-by-step written walkthroughs.  I am SUPER excited for this because there are things I would like to share on my blog that I haven’t been able to figure out how to do without first covering my class materials!

So – if you want to know how to take your Silhouette Outside the Online Store…. stay tuned – I will teach you how to use svg files (without the Designer Edition), how to design your own cuts, how to customize photos with Silhouette designs, how to cut out & paper piece an image plus more!

LiT Ep3: Warped Text in Silhouette Studio

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Week 3! I am proud of myself for keeping this up 3 weeks in a row. I haven’t done so well with the Friday night Blogs or the Did it Thursday blogs (those are coming!) I have a hard time considering a project “done enough” to share. That is probably something many of you can relate to… hopefully!

So – are you wondering what is “Warped Text”? In the truest sense it is text that conforms fully to a path. In this case, it doesn’t change size automatically but it does form shape to a path above or below the text. Here is an example of the word “Andy” formed to the interior of a circle.


So – how to achieve this on your Silhouette & what else can you do with it?   Tune in & watch!


If you want to take part in creating your own LiT posts or show off what you made using this video please mention this post & link yours up below!

LiT Ep2: Printing Project Life digi files

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Hopefully you are back for week 2!   This week I spent alot of time printing Project Life goodies.  There are many bloggers making, gifting, selling digital files for Project Life & you can also buy the digital kits that match the Becky Higgins designs on AC Digitals.

My approach last year was to buy the full Cobalt Edition (paper & digital).  I haven’t finished my year (whoops), but I did notice as the year went on I was creating more, using less.   So this year I bought the album & page protectors but nothing else.   And I have already populated much of my first 3 weeks with Clementine that I printed myself using the digital edition. The great thing here – I can tweak the files, only print those I want & use a different edition or my own stash or another designer’s journal cards next week!

So – would you like to know how to quickly & EASILY print multiple journal or title cards on one 8.5×11 sheet?  Then tune in – I walk through both Photoshop Elements 11 as well as Aperture.   I am using Elements because most new-to-digital scrapbookers start there.  If you have Photoshop the concepts are identical but the buttons/layout are slightly different.

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LiT Ep1: Project Life Organization

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Hello and welcome to the first episode of Learn it Tuesday (LiT)! This is my first foray into creating a how-to video – thank you so much for watching!

Project Life Organization. First of all – there are alot of great posts out there on this topic. I wanted to go just a bit into how I organize my photos & then how I lay out a week before printing.

A few notes about technology. I have a Mac mini desktop & a Macbook Pro (ok that isn’t mine – it is my husband’s that I use alot). I use Aperture to organize, crop & do some quick retouching of photos. I also use Photoshop CS4 or Photoshop Elements 11 to edit photos farther & to make use of RadLab to add fun effects. This video focuses on Aperture 3, but the concepts can be used in Lightroom, iPhoto, any other photo organizing software or even your file structure on your computer.

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Intentional 2013

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I mentioned on facebook this week that I wanted to be more intentional with the blog this year. Here are a few ideas and PLEASE let me know what you think!

  • Learn it Tuesday (LiT)
  • Did it Thursday (DiTh)
  • Wordless Wednesday (I went out of day order on purpose – keep reading)
  • Friday Night Blogs (FnBlogs)

The first two (LiT & DiTh)  spring from an idea I heard in college that has stuck with me since

  1. You must Learn something to Do it
  2. You must Do something to Teach it
  3. You must Teach something to KNOW IT!

Learn Teach Do Know

Learn it Tuesday (LiT) – focused on any technique but mainly digi/techy stuff (including the Silhouette)

Wordless Wednesday (WW) – a popular MEME right now I enjoy seeing on other blogs & want to jump on board with

Did it Thursday (DiTh) – showcasing projects I finished – scrapbook pages (including Project Life), mini albums, quilts, etc.

Friday Night Blogs (FNB) – a showcase of blog posts that I have been reading (covering any topic)

Some of these will be weekly – others less often but still consistent. Let me know which you like the best before I make my final decisions.

Also – I am looking into the proper plugin to allow you to blog along with me on the LiT & DiTH posts and link your posts up.