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Wishes by kids… sometimes they are cute, sometimes silly, sometimes sad & sometimes they break your heart because you know you just can’t grant it.    Andy has started believing in magic in the last year or so.  It’s so fun to watch him wave a magic wand & tell me he is making things disappear or fly, etc.   He doesn’t often make “wishes”… you know the serious “I wish for …” sentence that doesn’t necessarily involve whatever toy is in front of him at the moment (all kids wish for that).  But he’s made a few.


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Just Go Play!

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Something we struggle with in this house…. Just Go Play! An only child and two pretty involved-with-him parents has created a 4yr old who struggles to play when he doesn’t have a friend or parent to play with!


Today’s motivation? You are taking a nap when you are done outside. Working so far! (And he is a napper… Still 2+hours)