Superman capes

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I have a nearly 4yr old.  Who expects a “Superman Superhero pajama party at gymnastics” for his birthday.  Gymnastics – check; pajamas – check (sorry to the other moms whose kids are invited – hopefully you already had superhero jammies…. we do have extras here if needed); Superheros – easy; Superman – NOT POPULAR!

Seriously – who knew that my kid could consistently pick difficult party themes?  Winnie the Pooh (last year’s party) for a 1yr old – easy… for a 3yr old – HARD!   This year – Batman & Spiderman are all the rage for the pre-school crowd.  Superman not so much.   So – here we go DIYing it again!  I have found some cake supplies & luckily I don’t need many decorations since the party isn’t at home.  I do, however, need treat bag treats.

So far I have some awesome buttons I found at Moon Marble in Bonner Springs (lovely local marble company & toy store)!

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Making progress!

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Well it has been a few weeks since my last post.  As time goes on these will become more regular. 🙂  In the last few weeks alot has happened with my website!  It has come a long way… not quite live yet but nearly so.  If you found this blog & want to check it out while it’s in progress the temporary link is  Once it goes live the /anna will be dropped.

So what’s new with me?  I have been working on the website – putting together a price/product list is alot harder than I thought it would be.  Do I want to go fully custom – how much for different sizes?  Where do I want to print my digital prints at etc.?

That said – here is some of what I have done.  I have found a very awesome professional printer that is the largest in the country & also a semi-local – Kansas anyway –  business!   I have also been researching S4H, S4O policies – and if you don’t know what those are, S4H – Scrap for Hire; S4O – Scrap for Others… very slight differences but most policies cover both.  In the card making world these are referred to as Angel Policies.   What I have found is that many of my favorite digital products have great S4H/S4O policies.   Unfortunately, in the paper world it’s much harder so I have decided to utilize Stampin’ Up! exclusively for my paper products.  That’s great because I am a demonstrator already & I have alot of supplies, not to mention they are top quality.  So due to some of the restrictions I am looking at 100% digital for my scrapbook pages for sale – Stampin’ Up! has a great line of products for making cards, but for scrapbooks it would be too limiting for me.

Project I have been working on range from a Superman card for a friend to take to Vietnam to give to his son in July to a few projects for my husband.  The Superman card has me worried – my friend doesn’t see his son often so I feel alot of pressure to make the card AWESOME! 

Here are a few completed samples.  I have a friend who is moving and asked for “We’ve moved” cards – I jumped right in without any idea of what she wanted because I had some ideas for a card I had wanted to make & now a ready-made use.  She has decided on a style similar to the Van Gogh card I posted on 3/26/09 so I am adding the card I created to my digital “stock” collection online – I think it would be suitable for Thank Yous, as designed, or many other uses. 


 I also created a Birthday card and a Sympathy card this week.  Here are those examples.

Birthday Card


Sympathy card – the interior has the statement – “Praying for friends to comfort you, faith to uphold you, and loving memories to heal your heart.”

Sympathy Card front

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