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I had grand plans at the end of 2012 to really do alot of blogging & crafting & sharing of projects in 2013.  And then as we were nearing the “throw in the towel” point in having a 2nd kiddo it happened!  I would like to say I just went on with doing everything I wanted to, but I didn’t.  Now I am nearing the end & reflecting back, wondering what life will be like with 2 kids, what a newborn will do to my daily routines etc.  If there was ever a time to start up a new routine – now is it – because a new one will start one way or the other right?

fb Cover Photo

These pictures were taken by the same photographer we have had take all of Andy’s picture to date – Lea Murphy.  She does GREAT work & we had so much fun going in for belly pictures – which we didn’t do when I was pregnant with Andy!  I have a few more to share at the end of the post.

I am not going to commit to anything blog related (that would be crazy).  I remember how  those first weeks with Andy were and although some things will be easier because I have done it before & know not to stress, other things will be harder because I have a nearly 5yo in school 3 days a week & Kevin is starting a new job at work THIS WEEK (complete with 6 weeks of training so he’s taking minimal time until after training ends).

What were my excuses early on?  I had horrible nausea for 13 weeks (thank you progesterone pills – you kept our kiddo alive so I won’t be too mad), and about the time I started feeling better my back troubles kicked in.   Now – that REALLY didn’t give me an excuse not to blog – but I did slow down on my crafting & doing fun stuff with the Andy-man.  If I had to choose I did fun stuff with Andy.

I feel like in 5 years I had forgotten so much of what it was like to be pregnant – and since this is likely our last I wanted to make sure to write it down while I remembered.  Here are some random thoughts I have had lately….

My body

  • Everyone says you show earlier with your 2nd – well that must only apply if you have them a few years apart.  I wore regular jeans for months, and just felt flubbery for months after that.  I didn’t really feel like I “looked” pregnant for quite a while (30 weeks).  Here are 24 & 30 week pictures – I may have been wearing maternity shorts at 24 weeks, but I didn’t “look pregnant”.

24 & 30 weeks

  • I have fallen in love with maxi skirts & maxi dresses!  This will hopefully carry over to when I am no longer pregnant.   I would always see other women wearing them & think “ohhh that’s nice but not me”.  I LOVE THEM!
  • Why doesn’t the skin stretch the same?  My stretch marks were nearly gone (finally) – and now I have new ones!
  • I have this thing I call my “turkey waddle” – it seriously reminds me of that thing turkeys have under their chins…. although in my case – it is the extra skin from when I was pregnant with Andy that just hangs there under my bump…. seriously why didn’t my body reuse that stuff instead of stretching more!?
  • I started out 15-20# lighter this time…. and I just passed my weight when I delivered Andy… whoops!
  • Speaking of having Andy – he was born last week….  (36w5d) – I get to experience the full 9th month this time (woohooo)!
  • My belly button didn’t “pop” with Andy – but it’s halfway popped with Sam for quite a while now.   It is super strange seeing the inside of that thing.  In high school I could turn it inside out (that weird ability was lost along the way) I swear it has a brown spot on it now it never had before.   Kevin assures me it is nothing.
  • With a bad back & a super active 4.5yo on your hands you can get a GREAT TAN over the summer!  We had ridiculously nice weather (until the last few weeks) this summer.   No 100+ days (until this week), but still lots of sun & warm enough for the pool!     My friends will probably say “what you got a tan?”  YES I DID!   With crazy tan lines to go with it.   I am soooo pale though that my super tan looks kinda normal for most people.  🙂  It has mostly faded the last few weeks.   Now that it is September it is way too hot (??) and too much swelling etc. to hang outside in the sun very much.

My spondy – aka “Mom did something silly in college & broke her back”

  • I had back issues with Andy, but I didn’t know it.  I just thought I was too fat.  It’s alot easier mentally to deal with the issues when you know that you are in fact broken.  I don’t talk about it much, but I have a broken bone in my back which has allowed one of my vertebrae to slide forward; causing back pain & it pinches quite a few nerves.   I figured it out when I started having back pain & later nerve issues when I took up running 2 years ago.
  • Andy didn’t have a clue I was broken until I was about 4-5 months pregnant.  He does now & he knows basically why…. “Because mommy did something silly when she was in college”   I hope he holds onto that gem of knowledge until he can truly understand what the many “silly” things are I could have done in college to break myself.   I honestly am not sure what I did, but I know when!  If I had to guess it was playing Rugby with a bunch of college age boys(men?)…. or  I was doing something a 19yo wasn’t legal to do that I don’t remember.   Both were likely candidates at the time I got hurt.  I DO remember the 2 months of back pain & NOT seeing a doctor (another good lesson for my kids someday).
  • Why did the nerve pain start to go away after 8months?  It started super early & was worst about 6months…. I can only assume that since my injury is very low back that as the baby gets heavier & higher the stress shifts higher?  Same thing happened with Andy.  I am back to having more back pain & less nerve pain now – because I am doing more….. 🙂

The gear

  • With the first baby you buy EVERYTHING…. and even if you didn’t think you should – your friends take you to the store & tell you to buy EVERYTHING!  Especially the ones with smaller babies.
  • With the second baby – you buy VERY LITTLE….. assuming you still have all of the stuff from the 1st!  I have struggled here, we did NEED a few things, and I felt like I didn’t want to just force Sam to only get Andy’s old stuff – I am a 3rd kid & was the smallest of the 4 girls for most of my life so trust me… I understand hand-me-downs!
  • What we did buy….
    • A new crib (Andy’s was disassembled & staring at us for a few years before I just finally reassembled it & put it in the guest room where it was planned to go long-term anyway…. I wasn’t taking apart that room).   But this time we bought a plain, non-convertible type…. but ok we did go nice & got the Pottery Barn version!   Too many recalls at the bargain stores over the last few years for me to be comfortable having a newborn in it while the almost 5yo climbs on it to look in.
    • An Ergo Baby Carrier…. I am SO excited to use this thing!  With Andy he outgrew his infant seat super fast so I did get a Moby wrap (back then they were supposedly good to 45lbs – they have rethought that advice now).  It was nice, but alot of fabric & not useful past about 20#.   The Ergo is good for newborn thru heavy, I have friends who LOVE theirs and although it holds the baby similar to a Moby it has handy straps & can be worn in front or on the back (which when you have back issues is a GOOD THING).
    • A new carseat.   We sold Andy’s basically unused (4months until he was too big) infant carrier at a garage sale a year ago.  I wanted to get some $$ out of it before it expired.   We didn’t buy an extra base for Dad’s car though.  He rarely used it with Andy & we have a perfectly good convertible Britax that works for newborns in the basement that Andy used for a few years.  So that is in Dad’s car.  We chose based on crash test & ease of use ratings as well as what fit the best (nothing too big) & we did NOT want another Peg Perego because it was way too tight in the shoulders way too early with Andy.  We chose the Chicco – just like 90% of other moms seem to!  I watched the sales & picked up a color I liked at Target on sale, with my REDCard(5%) and a friends’ RxRewards (another 5%).  I actually grabbed the Ergo carrier on the same order & it was on sale too!

We installed them this last weekend!


    • A few new outfits – Andy of course found the Superman ones.  Poor Sam – new stuff & it is still “Andy’s”… we’ll have to work on that!
    • Decorations – I should probably just another post sometime with the room.   We went simple on the wall paint, used vinyl & my Cameo to make some decorations, paired Target sheets with a Disney store quilt (that is no longer on their website) and my mom & I are both making quilts, plus she is making a custom wall hanging that we designed together!  Here’s a sneak of it – still needing another border & birth details & well… finishing!

Grandma's wall hanging for Sam

I had more to say – but holy cow this is crazy long already!  Maybe I will do another post soon?   Here are a few more of my belly session pictures though.

35 weeks

35 weeks

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