Superman capes

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I have a nearly 4yr old.  Who expects a “Superman Superhero pajama party at gymnastics” for his birthday.  Gymnastics – check; pajamas – check (sorry to the other moms whose kids are invited – hopefully you already had superhero jammies…. we do have extras here if needed); Superheros – easy; Superman – NOT POPULAR!

Seriously – who knew that my kid could consistently pick difficult party themes?  Winnie the Pooh (last year’s party) for a 1yr old – easy… for a 3yr old – HARD!   This year – Batman & Spiderman are all the rage for the pre-school crowd.  Superman not so much.   So – here we go DIYing it again!  I have found some cake supplies & luckily I don’t need many decorations since the party isn’t at home.  I do, however, need treat bag treats.

So far I have some awesome buttons I found at Moon Marble in Bonner Springs (lovely local marble company & toy store)!

That’s cool, but I need more.  So I set off to find DIY capes that wouldn’t take weeks to make or tons of cash.  Thanks to google I found “jolly mom” and her cape post.  I downloaded her template & went shopping.  I bought red flannel (it will fray when washed – so I am torn as to whether I will zig-zag the edges or just leave them) & yellow flannel to make the capes.  Cutting out the capes took literally 10 minutes for all 18 capes!  SOOOO easy!  I trimmed my fabric down to rectangles that were 17″xWOF & then trimmed the selvage & the fold so I had two identical pieces ~17×42″ from each (repeat 9 times).  I folded them in half lengthwise – 8.5×42″ – and set the pattern at the top.  Using my rotary cutter I trimmed around & voila – cape!

After that I tried cutting out the yellow Superman logo using my Silhouette Cameo.  Turns out that flannel (with a stabilizer) doesn’t cut well on a Cameo.  After a quick regroup I realized that Silhouette makes Flocked Heat Transfer….. genius!  A quick trip to the scrapbook store & I had my logos all cut out.   Ironing them on took significantly longer, but the finished product is beautiful & that logo isn’t coming off!

I used velcro peel & stick squares for the collars.  Andy wants his NOW (he saw them because I needed a model to test the fit on)… so I am pretty sure they will be a big hit!




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