Supergirl – and proud

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Once upon a time I was the tiny skinny kid and was embarrassed to be so skinny. I got older and played sports but was embarrassed to not be as fast or strong as the other girls. In college I got some curves and then some more ‘curves’ when I started working full time and was embarrassed to not be thinner.  Honestly – it’s a lose-lose for most of us girls.


Then I had Andy and was back to my pre-baby weight in weeks – but had more jelly in the tummy – actually felt pretty good about that even if it was still ‘too much’. I quit working and over the next few years I exercised on and off, ate better on and off. I ran a half marathon and actually felt awesome about myself – rolls and all!

I swam/water jogged for most of my pregnancy with Sam which made me feel great mentally, and I hadn’t gone back until the last week (he is 5 months old).

So finally I started hitting the gym again! On my second visit I wore the Supergirl UnderArmour shirt I got for Christmas from my boys – it doesn’t hide the ‘rumples’ or ANYTHING…. And I felt awesome!

A tiny, young gal walked by me with her personal trainer and I saw her eye the logo and the eyes travel down to my rolls and the look of ‘omg I must get on a treadmill now’ cross her face. I kept my eyes on her and smiled… I was there working it! And proud of myself for doing it.

Until I started exercising between babies I wouldn’t have worn the shirt in public and would have crawled into a corner from that look (even when I was skinny).   Must be something about growing up, but I look back at pictures I thought were “fat” girl pictures & dang – I looked good!  How did I not know it then?  Growing up also helps you realize just how fast it all goes by and to enjoy the moments as they are.   Does that mean I don’t want to exercise & get healthier – no… I do – it makes it so much easier to enjoy the moments when you are healthy!

So – if you are too skinny, too fat, too tall, too short (or just think you are one of those things) – embrace it!   Stare down that girl with her trainer & be proud!

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