Sink Love

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Totally off the crafting topics but I wanted to share.

Earlier today I had just finished dishes & cleaning up the sink.  And since I only had a 3 yr old here at the time to share with I figured I’d share with you all.  I LOVE MY SINK!

It’s our new sink which technically is 3 months old already!  I was both in love & scared of this sink when I first saw it as we were deciding to replace our countertops.  The black was an easy choice, I was fairly certain I’d like the material… I knew I’d love or hate the drain board…. and was hoping for love.

So glad we took the risk!  And it was quite a risk – it was more expensive & required a much larger cutout for the sink – so if we didn’t like it… too bad (plus once that island countertop was in we weren’t going to get the installers to lift it back up).

The granit-ish surface doesn’t stain (well it’s black so if it did stain I haven’t noticed & that’s what really matters).  That means I haven’t had to use anything more than the dish scrubber & regular soap to clean it!  WOW.  The drain board is awesome!  We had been setting hand-wash dishes in that area to dry anyway, but this keeps them more contained & it isn’t at all intrusive to the rest of the counter space.

LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV!  Ok – enough goo-ing over my sink.  🙂

And I am SO glad the installers told me to head to Home Depot (I made it with 15 minutes to closing) to pick up new black drain covers – the stainless would have looked shocking in there…. plus the one on the left (not the disposal) has the nicest strainer ever – it just stays in & collects gunk that normally would get stuck anyway but with the strainer catching it (but letting water by) you can rinse it on the disposal side.  Brilliant!


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