Project Life 2012 | Week 1

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My first attempt at Project Life is this year.  On the very positive side I am within a few weeks of caught-up (in my album not the blog)!  On the negative side I feel like I am including too many photos and not enough “fun” stuff.  I can change that as the year goes on though.  I think a key will be to grab fun things as we do them & put them WITH the album.  The fun decorations stuff I will have to work on my photo obsession a bit to pare down what I want to print!

This is a custom title page I made with a free template from Cathy Zielske & the Cobalt digi kit from Jessica Sprague.  I printed it on plain cardstock by trimming a 12×12 sheet to 6×12 & my regular letter-size printer was perfectly happy to print it.  To find the template head over to Becky’s “project life : the title page” post from December.

The rest of the pics for the Title Page(s) & Week 1.

The official Title Page…. I haven’t finished decorating it & honestly I am remaking the Starring card eventually – probably digitally & printing it.  I just don’t like how my handwriting turned out.

Week 1

Starting out the year with very basic layouts…. picked my pictures, and added journaling card with journaling.  I decided to round all of my corners and did include  a few vertical pictures in the center row.  I had a few extra pictures & made a mini-layout to put into a 6×12 page protector.

I did NOT do a picture a day.  I chose my favorites from the week & used them.  Some days have several & some have none.  The carseat, bike & swimming pictures all happened on the same day.

I had two vertical pictures that went together that I wanted to include.  It was a fairly major event for the week (using a Christmas giftcard at Target – Andy’s first time choosing a toy & using a giftcard of his own).  We let him choose the toy & pay for it himself.  To work the pictures in I added them to a 4×6 template I made for Photoshop with two 3×4 layers which make combing the pictures much easier – plop & clip… then resize/move to make it look just right.

Ok – that’s it for this week!


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