LiT Ep3: Warped Text in Silhouette Studio

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Week 3! I am proud of myself for keeping this up 3 weeks in a row. I haven’t done so well with the Friday night Blogs or the Did it Thursday blogs (those are coming!) I have a hard time considering a project “done enough” to share. That is probably something many of you can relate to… hopefully!

So – are you wondering what is “Warped Text”? In the truest sense it is text that conforms fully to a path. In this case, it doesn’t change size automatically but it does form shape to a path above or below the text. Here is an example of the word “Andy” formed to the interior of a circle.


So – how to achieve this on your Silhouette & what else can you do with it?   Tune in & watch!


If you want to take part in creating your own LiT posts or show off what you made using this video please mention this post & link yours up below!

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