LiT Ep1: Project Life Organization

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Hello and welcome to the first episode of Learn it Tuesday (LiT)! This is my first foray into creating a how-to video – thank you so much for watching!

Project Life Organization. First of all – there are alot of great posts out there on this topic. I wanted to go just a bit into how I organize my photos & then how I lay out a week before printing.

A few notes about technology. I have a Mac mini desktop & a Macbook Pro (ok that isn’t mine – it is my husband’s that I use alot). I use Aperture to organize, crop & do some quick retouching of photos. I also use Photoshop CS4 or Photoshop Elements 11 to edit photos farther & to make use of RadLab to add fun effects. This video focuses on Aperture 3, but the concepts can be used in Lightroom, iPhoto, any other photo organizing software or even your file structure on your computer.

I thought I would add a few notes about “why” I chose Aperture.   I used Google’s Picasa for years until I became a Mac user.  My new Mac came with iPhoto which I LOVED for several years.   And then I wanted to move my library (not the photos but the database) to an external drive, and I had so many pictures that iPhoto had become unwieldy & slow.  Aperture is a Mac program you can purchase that is the next step up from iPhoto.  I considered Lightroom, but having a significant structure in iPhoto this really made the most sense.

What I love about Aperture?  It organizes my photos in several ways (by time, rating, flagging, location, faces, albums I create to name  a handful).  It works seamlessly with Facebook, flickr & all of my other Mac products (iDVD etc).  It has built in editing tools that take care of most editing a (non-professional) photographer will want to do.

Aperture also a handy tool called a “LightTable” that I utilize in the video.  You can accomplish this by hand if you don’t have Aperture & Lightroom may have something similar, but I am no expert.


A few disclaimers & notes

  • Several times in the video I call my LightTable folder “Lightroom”  sorry if that is confusing!
  • I have a bit of a cold & no proper microphone at this time (just using the built in laptop mic) so I sound a bit nasally.
  • The video is best viewed at 480p or higher so you can read all of the menu text clearly.

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