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So…. what have I been up to (beyond ignoring my blog)?

I have been working to finish card table playhouses for a few friends!   I am using this pattern (with my own tweaks & changes) from a local designer Shea Henderson aka Empty Bobbin.  If you are ever interested in making one of these I will tell you this – I worked my tail off with sales, value cotton, coupons etc. & bought all of the fabric at JoAnn fabric (complete with the  requisite 1 hr waiting for your number to be called).  I picked up the fabric right before Christmas & spent ~$75/house.   So – these things are NOT cheap – so when you see them on etsy for $200-250 and they aren’t felt they are soooo not charging too much (trust me felt/flannel would be a quicker sew job because you don’t have to worry about finishing raw fabric edges).   Now – that isn’t to say that you ‘should‘ spend that much money on one – find a friend with a machine & make it yourself!

Card Table Front

I have been pretty slow finishing these.  I really can’t even explain why adequately.   If Andy is up I didn’t work on them, if Kevin wanted to watch a show in the evening I did.   Usually I will pull my project out to the kitchen & work on our island which has a great view of the TV in the great room – but honestly I didn’t want to mess with dishes, cleaning counters etc. that would have been required for that… every night!

This week I cleaned off all of the sewing from my office & set them aside.  They are nearly done.  Walls are full assembled but need a final fitting on my friends’ card tables & a roof….. that & a little cleanup of straw threads etc.  But all easy quick stuff.  Here are the rest of the pictures….

Card Table SideA and Back
Card Table SideB


Next up – Andy’s “Lego room”…. aka – his new big boy room.   We painted it white (yes… WHITE) & moved his furniture into it.   We had been using it for all of his Legos – there were two really old Walmart shelves from when Kevin & I were in college and Andy’s small square Lego table.  Those are still in there – maybe someday we will get him nicer bookshelves.   Maybe.

Today Andy & I went into the old room & chose which decorations he wanted to take into the new room.  His 1yr picture frame from PBKids, his hand/foot print frame both made the cut (thank goodness!) as did his clock, his light up moon & one wood plaque that said “I love you to the moon & back….”

For the rest of his decorations I am making most with my Cameo & vinyl!   Planned pieces include

  • LOTS of Lego bricks to stack up on his walls (I really had to look hard to find a true side view of a Lego – there are alot of 3d side views but I wanted it to look like the Legos are just stacked up)
  • A few Lego character silhouettes (Vadar, Yoda, maybe Batman if I can find him)
  • A few Star Wars ship silhouettes (Xwing & Tie-Fighter)
  • His name… I made the mistake of sitting down with him today to look at fonts – he wants one he thinks looks like his writing….. he has no clue!   He was picking totally plain fonts.  What I may do is make a subway art with all the versions of his name in different fonts including the one he likes.  Andy, Andrew, AJ etc.  Hopefully it turns out.

Links to the images I have/am planning to trace in the Silhouette software are included above.  I will maybe make a LiTuesday video of the tracing when I do it.

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