Disney Album Organization

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Well, it has been a while – and I am sorry!   I made quite a few things lately – but I may not blog about them yet.  I even have a blog post about the Christmas Stockings I made for us this year all written up – I will try to post it closer to when people will be thinking about Christmas projects again!

It has been a year (seriously – how is that possible!) since we went to Disney.   I sooo would love to go back – but it wouldn’t be the same – we have our Disney “wish” (aka Sam), Andy is older etc.  I have run across pictures of Andy at Disney a few times lately & I am astonished how much he’s grown up since last year!   Yes – he’s bigger physically – but he just looks so much more grown up & he’s becoming a boy and less a pre-schooler.  I am so glad we went when we did – he hadn’t hit the big whiney stage quite as intensely yet but MOST importantly – he LOVED Mickey with all of his heart & soul!  He still likes Mickey & Jake & the other Disney shows, but Star Wars, The Hobbit, superheroes &  Wild Kratts (especially those guys) have crept up in importance.

DisneySo – time to get down to making my album soon probably.  I am glad I waited a bit to reflect back & see which pictures grab me now – they will likely be the ones that will grab me in 10 years too.  I don’t want to wait too long & forget the details though.

This post doesn’t have fun pages, or an album etc… it is how I took about 2000 pictures from our 4 cameras, 200 from our PhotoPass and another 200 stock images you get with the PhotoPass and figured out what to put into a scrapbook!     Soon after we returned I did complete Andy’s autograph book – which includes alot of character pictures – one for each “character” even if we saw them more than once.

So – why so many cameras?   Here is a look at most of the Disney pictures before sorting.  Cameras… #1 – waterproof Panasonic Lumix; #2 – My iPhone; #3 – Kevin’s iPhone; #4 – my Nikon 1.   I can’t say enough about that Nikon…. it was my requested Christmas present last year – specifically for Disney.  I didn’t want to abandon my SLR – but I also didn’t want to carry it around.  I still ended up with way TOO many iPhone pictures – but the Nikon was great – pictures AND video!   (did I mention I have a whole lot of video in addition to those 2k pictures).

All Pictures1

My first step – with all of my pictures – is to go through & pick out those that I like.   So I quickly go thru the pictures in Aperture & put 3-5* on those I like.  I generally do 3* for one I like at this point & nothing for those I don’t.   You CAN hit the “9” which discards the picture & will delete it when you empty your Aperture trash… I rarely do that for anything beyond pictures of fingers etc.  I ADMIT I AM A PICTURE HOARDER…. YES I DO have a problem!   This process is super fast in Aperture because I can just hit the appropriate number key.  If I REALLY like a picture I will give it 4-5* – but that involves moving my finger off of the 3 key.

Here you can see a section of the raw pictures – some have *s in the corners.  If I later change my mind I either give it 2* or hit the “0” which takes away stars but doesn’t discard the picture.  After doing that you can filter your view in the program & ONLY see those 3* pictures.  (If you click on the image it will enlarge it).

Rating pictures

After that I sat down & thought about how I would make a scrapbook – what “pages” would I want.   For me chronological is most meaningful for many of the pictures – so I made a folder for each day.  Then I started making “albums”.  Each day had the “park” pictures (Day 2 MK – is the Magic Kingdom park album in the Day 2 MK folder) and characters; most had rides.   I also added in specifically memorable page ideas for each day.  Here’s my full list.


If you are an Aperture user & are wondering why I used Albums or what the difference between Projects & Albums is….

  • Project – stores the picture file.  A picture can only belong to ONE project.
  • Album – stores a reference to a picture – you can put a picture into MANY albums.

I believe Lightroom has similar functionality as does iPhoto.  If you aren’t using one of these and are organizing directly in your file structure you will likely end up moving pictures into these folders as you go & that is OK too!

My counts may seem a bit high for a few of the albums.  I went back & decided many of the pictures I wouldn’t want as 4×6 – I have a VERY hard time scrapbooking 4×6 pictures.  So I combined many pictures – which also cut down on the printing costs.  WIN WIN!  The end result however is that I have both the individual & the “collage” pictures in the album.  I put a “keyword” tag onto those I wanted to print that was simply “To Print” – so I could filter just that view.

Here are a few examples of what is in each “page” directory (click to view)…

Once I had all of my pictures sorted, picked & collaged – I exported those that were labeled “to print” and uploaded them to Persnickety Prints.  That was 133 4×6 prints and I did that back in August.  This is what I have to scrapbook…


Please wish that I “Have a Magical Time” scrapbooking these soon!

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