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Worked on the Disney album a bit more this week!  I took all of my printed photos (that I organized here) and  sorted them into their proper organization & started populating my album with “stuff”.   I had some help taking photos for you…. I cannot wait to finish this album for him!   His interest in everything we did a year ago is awesome and I want to finish it for him so he can hang onto all of his wonderful memories (that we all know are so fleeting at his age).   He of course still had jammies & bedhead when I was taking the pictures – but that’s real life on a weekend!

Interested helper with serious bedhead!

As an added bonus you  can have a peak at my photo method – white matboard & good lighting.  I actually had to edit the album photos below to darken them!  That’s a first!

Organizing 133 prints

First up – I made b&w plain paper prints with each “gallery” from Aperture (made in the previous post here).  I made a screen capture for each (command+shit+4, spacebar & click) & printed them with 2/page.  I used my VERY old B&W laser printer for these (similar to this one but 15 years old & on it’s first toner cartridge still).  I really only wanted them for organizing so that I didn’t need to go back to the computer constantly.  Here are a few examples from the organizing post.

Organizing photos

And here they are all spread out while I was adding pictures.  Since I organized semi-chronologically it wasn’t too hard – but there were definitely pictures out of order here and there.

Setup by "theme"

After sorting thru I stacked everything up (gently) and cut each sheet in half to place into 8.5×11 page protectors along with the corresponding photos.   I think I want to do most of my scrapbook 8.5×11 which is why I went this route.  I did run out of that size so a few are in 12×12.  I will order more when I know just how many pages I have.

The page “stuff”s

The first one includes things I will probably use on the title page as well as Disney “overall” that I didn’t have another good place for yet.   Includes the big map of all Disney World, Dining Plan info.

Title page & overall Disney stuff

Next up is Downtown Disney – the first place we went after checking into the hotel on day 1.  I included the pictures, a receipt & the official Disney GuideMap (tip:  Grab extra copies of ALL of them at your hotel before you leave so you have nice maps that haven’t been opened & used to put into your album).

Downtown Disney - includes pictures, receipt & official Disney Guidemap

You can see a bit of the backside of the Downtown Disney on the left side of this next photo – Crystal Palace &  dinner with Pooh & Friends.  The main part of this picture shows the Magic Kingdom overview grouping – pictures, Magic Kingdom GuideMap & a postcard from Andy’s first ride (Its a Small World) since my pictures were terrible.

Magic Kingdom includes pictures, postcards & Disney guidemap

I included things like the Jedi Training Academy appointment slip.

Star Wars - includes pictures & Jedi Training Academy timeslot

Or the “kid” menu & Wishing Star from our dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Cinderella - includes pictures, postcard (which is a nice night castle picture), kids menu from dinner & a Wishing Star from dinner

If I had scrapbooking bits scoped out I included those also.   These Pooh stickers will be used here & on the Crystal Palace theme so I put a note on the other gallery printout so I don’t forget.

Andy chasing down Pooh to hug him - 1 picture plus Pooh stickers

Yes – I keep saying “Disney” – but we went to Universal Studios and saw Harry Potter (and Dr. Suess etc).  I included the tickets and receipt so we can remember just how special Harry was (and how much it cost – but worth EVERY PENNY)!


The scrappy stuff

I thought I would take some pictures of what I have assembled to create with.   Not pictures – white & dark grey solid cardstocks.  I picked up the “official” 2013 scrapbook kit while we were there.  I have a hard time with too much on my background papers, but I love the 2013 Disney ephemera in here – gotta step out of the comfort zone for Mickey!  If you have been and didn’t grab this – it was also available online from Disney for a while (and still on Amazon here)… just make sure you get Land or World depending on where you went!

Official Disney 2013 Scrapbook kit

These are papers mostly from my sister, a few that I picked up.  All specifically for this trip.

Misc Disney papers

Pulled out my Harry Potter stash (alot thanks to my sister Hope here too) and an older BoBunny  (Zoology I think)line that was animal themed – the circle of animal may be perfect for the Lion King area of the hotel or Animal Kingdom.

Harry Potter stash & animal stash (for Animal Kingdom)

I will be honest – not sure I will make use of the October Afternoon Sasparilla line in here (I have it for pictures from Grandma/pa Ds in South Dakota and our Colorado trip a few years ago)…. but thinking a bit may sneak in with Woody & Jessie.

Sasparilla stash - for Woody & Jessie

And lastly – I have a few of these… monthly kits from Studio Calico.  I grabbed these two as being fairly generic in appearance – but with all of the yellow, red & black of Disney I don’t know if I will use them.  I DO want something to tone down all of that primary color along the way though!

Misc Studio Calico kits for backgrounds etc


Thanks for following along!  Let me know if you are working on a big album & what it is.

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