Dec Daily – Dec 9th-11th 2011

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It’s nearly December 2012! Time to finish sharing my 2011 December Daily. It has been finished & sitting on my mantle for most of the year. I had fun walking my mother-in-law through it when they were in town recently. She had seen most of the pictures, but seeing them with the stories attached is different. I wish I had more photos & stories from my childhood. I hope Andy enjoys these when he is older. He is still little enough that looking at “old” pictures is great fun!

Day 9

We had Andy’s new friend Jax over for a playdate (saying that now seems odd – Jax is an ‘old’ friend he’s had forever now) & then headed out to a local fitness equipment store.  One of Kevin’s favorite stores last year – getting exercise mats, weights, etc.  Andy enjoys it there too – the owner (Mike Mays) is friendly & remembers him every time we go in.

I used the Grinched font again to cut out the title on my Cameo.

Day 10

Can you get much cuter than the “Going Outside” pictures?  And STOP THE PRESSES – we are putting up lights OUTSIDE the house!  This has never happened here…. never ever never.  The things that having a little kid around can change!  It all started with Andy wanting a Mickey outside decoration at Home Depot (you know those blowup lawn decorations right).  Kevin brought home Mickey to surprise Andy (not quite the same one he asked for, but he loves it!).  In the end we also had lights over the garage door & down the driveway.

It really was a day full of activities, Lowe’s Build n Grow, drawing, playing/decorating outisde.

Day 11

What I love about this page – it was a normal Sunday.  Nothing holiday themed going on – just a clean playroom & pulling out toys he hadn’t played with in a while.  This is just as important to me to document here as the holiday craziness is.


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