Dec Daily – Dec 6th-8th 2011

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Day 6

The hardest night & saddest day in December, but by far one of my favorite & definitely my favorite page in the book!  It’s funny how the hardest things can make the best memories.

Andy woke up near midnight and told me he didn’t feel good.  I hugged him & told him to go back to sleep.  An hour later his cry & the vomit sounds woke me up.  The poor guy was up all night being sick every 15 minutes…. which means mommy was up all night too.  Kevin helped clean up & tried to go back to sleep – he had to work after all, but he didn’t get a lot of sleep either.   Andy would cry & yell for him to come hug him.  Andy’s pediatrician told him he was “looking for butterflies”  in his ears etc. at his 3 yr checkup recently so we told him he had butterflies & they wanted to come out.  On the bright side, after the first incident he told me each time & after I helped him sit up he kept the mess in a garbage can.  I think that’s spectacular for 3 years old!  Since he didn’t get much sleep Kevin stayed home & we all slept in a bit in the morning once the butterflies stopped.

As for the page – I found these great butterflies in the Online Store section of Silhouette Studio…. LOVE how they are one piece but the center folds up!  I cut 3 in different sizes on Bo Bunny Blitzen paper.

The font is Grinched – I found it just now on dafont…. not sure where I originally downloaded it though.  I used it through most of the book.

Day 7

The left half of this page is still Day 6…. showing a few pictures of a still very sick Andy (red red cheeks from his fever) but feeling good enough to start playing.

The right half is from the 7th…. Andy & I just stayed home & hung out.  He had a fever well into the night so we didn’t want to head out & infect any of our friends.

I saw somebody post about the Charlie Brown Christmas “app” & decided to give it a try.  What a great book/app it is!  Andy’s really enjoyed it which has been great for us to be able to introduce some old-fashioned cartoons into his life.  We tried The Great Pumpkin at Halloween without much interest.  Evidently the iPad helps!

Day 8

Andy was feeling better, we needed to pick out an Alex Gordon jersey for Daddy & just get OUT OF THE HOUSE!

I wanted to make sure to include the everyday things in the book here & there so today his breakfast made it in – yogurt tube & a banana.

I used the Cameo AGAIN for the Shopping Day title.  I welded the letters & made a mat for it in one of the solid red Bo Bonny papers.


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