Big changes around here

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Sorry I have been MIA for the last… well quite a while already!

I had great plans to start the year off with lots of posts.  And then the morning sickness hit.  I have no clue how working moms deal with this!  I was a working mom-to-be with Andy, but I had NO morning sickness.  I remember being more tired, but nothing like what I’ve had this time around.  Really on the whole this is great news!  It is something we’ve wanted for quite a while & were wondering if it would happen.  Luckily come September we will be a family of 4!

I am feeling better now (ok – for less than a week & not wholly better; but we’ll take it as a good sign)… so that means blog updates are coming back!

Other big news…. I have been teaching a few Silhouette classes at The Scrapbook Page locally.  The owners are retiring (Congratulations!) which means I will no longer be teaching there.   I have no intention of teaching elsewhere in town – I started there are a favor to the owners & a good friend of mine Monika Ogilvie (who is starting back up her blog – Scrappy Girl – soon too).  What I WILL be doing is…..


Most of the sharing will be in Learn it Tuesday videos, but I may have some step-by-step written walkthroughs.  I am SUPER excited for this because there are things I would like to share on my blog that I haven’t been able to figure out how to do without first covering my class materials!

So – if you want to know how to take your Silhouette Outside the Online Store…. stay tuned – I will teach you how to use svg files (without the Designer Edition), how to design your own cuts, how to customize photos with Silhouette designs, how to cut out & paper piece an image plus more!

Intentional 2013

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I mentioned on facebook this week that I wanted to be more intentional with the blog this year. Here are a few ideas and PLEASE let me know what you think!

  • Learn it Tuesday (LiT)
  • Did it Thursday (DiTh)
  • Wordless Wednesday (I went out of day order on purpose – keep reading)
  • Friday Night Blogs (FnBlogs)

The first two (LiT & DiTh)  spring from an idea I heard in college that has stuck with me since

  1. You must Learn something to Do it
  2. You must Do something to Teach it
  3. You must Teach something to KNOW IT!

Learn Teach Do Know

Learn it Tuesday (LiT) – focused on any technique but mainly digi/techy stuff (including the Silhouette)

Wordless Wednesday (WW) – a popular MEME right now I enjoy seeing on other blogs & want to jump on board with

Did it Thursday (DiTh) – showcasing projects I finished – scrapbook pages (including Project Life), mini albums, quilts, etc.

Friday Night Blogs (FNB) – a showcase of blog posts that I have been reading (covering any topic)

Some of these will be weekly – others less often but still consistent. Let me know which you like the best before I make my final decisions.

Also – I am looking into the proper plugin to allow you to blog along with me on the LiT & DiTH posts and link your posts up.


Lunch with friends

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A week ago I was invited by a local friend & food blogger to her salad party lunch.  Check out her post about it here!  Kristen ( was a great hostess; Andy & I had so much fun!

If you are new to my blog & coming over from Kristen’s post find out more about me here.  I have been working on & off on this blog since Andy was born 4 years ago.  I plan to be a frequent updater going forward so keep checking back!

If you want to hear from me more frequently, please find & follow me at…

Twitter as hbuchwitz

Facebook as Scraps by Heather

Pinterest as hbuchwitz

Instagram as hbuchwitz

Thank you for stopping by & let me know who you are & a bit about yourself!