Big changes around here

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Sorry I have been MIA for the last… well quite a while already!

I had great plans to start the year off with lots of posts.  And then the morning sickness hit.  I have no clue how working moms deal with this!  I was a working mom-to-be with Andy, but I had NO morning sickness.  I remember being more tired, but nothing like what I’ve had this time around.  Really on the whole this is great news!  It is something we’ve wanted for quite a while & were wondering if it would happen.  Luckily come September we will be a family of 4!

I am feeling better now (ok – for less than a week & not wholly better; but we’ll take it as a good sign)… so that means blog updates are coming back!

Other big news…. I have been teaching a few Silhouette classes at The Scrapbook Page locally.  The owners are retiring (Congratulations!) which means I will no longer be teaching there.   I have no intention of teaching elsewhere in town – I started there are a favor to the owners & a good friend of mine Monika Ogilvie (who is starting back up her blog – Scrappy Girl – soon too).  What I WILL be doing is…..


Most of the sharing will be in Learn it Tuesday videos, but I may have some step-by-step written walkthroughs.  I am SUPER excited for this because there are things I would like to share on my blog that I haven’t been able to figure out how to do without first covering my class materials!

So – if you want to know how to take your Silhouette Outside the Online Store…. stay tuned – I will teach you how to use svg files (without the Designer Edition), how to design your own cuts, how to customize photos with Silhouette designs, how to cut out & paper piece an image plus more!

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