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my photo helper

I have been here working on things, just not necessarily the blog!   I pulled out a few of my in-progress projects today to photograph & my helper wanted to be in on the pictures….and check out the pages!   He was really helpful turning the pages.   He was not so helpful getting between the pages & I or casting a shadow standing in the doorway.   That’s ok – he had fun.

comparing his giraffe now & then

Onto the actual pages!  I started this album over a year ago.    Kevin asked if I would make an album with photos of all of the baseball games he & Andy went to for Father’s Day – he asked the week before Father’s Day… what?!?!?   Needless to say I did start it then, but didn’t get very far.    Many reasons.  I find it so much more productive to work on projects that interest me at the moment & this just didn’t speak to me (I wasn’t even at all of the games).  I also made the mistake (how haven’t I learned by now?) of buying loads of themed paper & embellishments    I work better with generic embellies… I am realizing that, but sometimes it is just fun to buy the themed ones…. until I go to use them & just sit here & stare & stare & stare.

title page

Ok – so what HAVE I done?    A year ago I made a title page… with a custom MLB die-cut that I made using my Cameo.
made my own mlb logo

game 1 page 1

The 1st game 2page spread is basically done.   I included Andy’s official certificate in an 8.5×11 insert.   The photo above is the left side & the insert.  Below is the right side picture.

I researched each game to figure out who the Royals played & what the score was (thank heavens for digital picture time stamps!).  I left a spot on the right side page for Kevin to write something about the game.   We didn’t stay long – Andy did NOT like the crowd noise & cheering.

game 1 page 2

For the 2nd game I did another 2 page spread (I had big plans for this book – a 2page spread for every game!)   This one I had tickets available so they went onto the page.   Most of the games ended up being internet tickets & they just don’t belong in a scrapbook in the same way a ‘real’ ticket does.  Again I left a spot for Kevin to journal.

And can I just say – holy blond hair!  I forgot how light my hair had gotten when I was still dying it to stay blond!

2 page layout - game 2

 By the 3rd game I started giving up on the themed product a bit.  The papers in the layers are still themed, but I threw in more generic stuff.   As you can see I made 1/2 of the 2 page spread…. so when I came back to it a few weeks ago I decided to just get it done!   I pulled out some extra pocket pages from my Becky Higgins Project Life stash & the pile of pictures & started just sticking them into the protectors.   As I went along I had to reprint some to fit into the page protectors (cropped or resized).   Once I had pictures in for EVERY game they have been to I went back & added Vanilla cardstock to the remaining pockets.


For now these are blank – I want to go start decorating, but Kevin wants to journal a bit first & since I don’t know how much he will write on each game I can’t really just leave one small card for him.   The ball is now in his court.

Some games have 1 page, some 2 and at least one game has a big insert.  It really depended on the game & the pictures/story.

I did have this note that Kevin had written Andy after the 1st game of 2012.  We had really good seats, saw Slugerrr etc.   To not mess up the pocket system in the next game I mounted it to a 12×12 sheet of cardstock & chopped it up!
one big page chopped up

Here are all of the embellies I have set aside for the album… for now they are just waiting.

embelishments & extras









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