baby book preview for andy

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Another preview of a UFO…. an UnFinished Object in quilters terms… Pretty sure we can use the same concept as scrappers!

andy baby book title page

I started working on Andy’s baby book (yes he is 4.5 years old)…. which entails pulling out 2 albums of 4×6 prints (I actually put them in albums in order at one point to keep them safe), his partially completed generic baby book, printouts of my personal blog that has all of his original skills & milestones (THANK GOD I did that!), lots of momentos, etc. I also ordered from amazon:

  1. Two of the Project Life Baby Editions for Him (one for Andy & one for Sam).
  2. Two identical albums. I chose the Seafoam Edition. I highly recommend Becky’s albums. The way the rings lay is superior to most 3ring albums on the market. They are my favorite regardless of project these days.
  3. One Big Variety Pack 2 (60 Pages) photo pocket pages (half Design A, half Design D – my two favorites). I split these between the two albums – mostly horizontal for Andy (when I used a real camera) and mostly vertical now that I am iphone reliant for Sam.
  4. Two Project Life Month Dividers – Baby Edition for Him – monthly dividers for each album.

I assembled most of the “basic” cards/pages for both boys. Becky has a walk thru on her blog here. I didn’t follow her pages exactly – but they definitely helped me get categories figured out.

After that it was time to fill in! YEA! I met some girlfriends to scrapbook last weekend & brought along all of my ‘stuff’. My status at the end of the night is below in pictures. The hardest parts for me that night were….. the internet wasn’t playing along & I had a hard time googling for Time Capsule info etc. & what I thought were albums with ALL of the good pictures from Andy’s first year turned out to be MANY but not all…. so I was missing some key pictures that I now need to go reprint (after which I am sure they will appear in my craft room). 

I did not take great pictures because these are really nowhere near finished yet.

your heritage & our family

I included “choosing your name” under our family

andy baby book p1-2 heritage/family

story of us

please do these cards asap for yourself! SOOO hard to recall back 5 years what I loved back then!

andy baby book p4 story of us

andy baby book p5j story of us

first home & time capsule

have fun with google! this was actually 1 page for home & 3 for time capsule

andy baby book p7 time capsul

expecting you

this isn’t shown…. I did alot of journaling but didn’t have ANY pictures with me!

your bedroom, being showered & gifts

again – not pictured… and I didn’t even journal these yet

birth day

again – not pictured. I was glad I read Becky’s ‘how to’ blog post because I would have thought this card was meant to be 1st Birthday but I LOVE this even more! This card is for the DAY of birth – so the hospital and delivery story etc. I didn’t have pictures & writing out the birth story mid-crop & random conversations just didn’t seem right so I will be c0ming back to this page soon.

your arrival

pictures! Basically – the moments right after birth. I included 1st visitors, features, birth facts etc.

andy baby book p18-19 arrival

your very first days of life

I have alot of pictures here already – but didn’t take a picture for the blog. 1st trips, announcement etc.


I have all of the pictres in place for this one, but need to finish the page. Becky has 2 card options here for those who do this sort of thing. Christening or Blessing depending upon your religious views. I have to admit I was a ‘bit’ disappointed it didn’t say ‘baptism’, but I made do.


Here is months 1. What you would expect – pictures from the 1st month! I decided to set up all 12 months the same way – #card in top left, monthly stats directly below & highlights & milestones on the bottom right. I also went ahead & added 8.5×11 photo pocket pages – Design G into each month behind the month divider to allow room for extra pictures etc. For the 1st month we had 2 sets of visitors & each got one side of the insert (of course this was my first realization that I was missing pictures so the back side is mostly empty).

andy baby book month1

andy baby book month 1 end

I have thru month 5 pictures mostly included – as I said I need to do some prints. This really went very fast other than internet google issues! I love how I can use what I want and not what I don’t. I didn’t have huge showers and who knows where my gift list is (I am looking for it), but really I don’t want to rewrite that into a baby book. I also don’t have a full page of visitors that came to see us or a newspaper birth announcement…. and most definitely – the page of childhood illnesses should just never be filled in!  Isn’t that what vaccines are for?  All of which left me with alot of blanks in Andy’s book and it would never have felt complete.

3 thoughts on “baby book preview for andy

  1. Such a cute book. I love these and think it might make me able to “scrapbook”, I’m not good at taking the time since I sew so much! I guess you can’t do everything – there’s only so much time in a day!

    1. I tend to struggle with which craft to work on too! Scrapbooking wins out alot because I can get something done in 1/2 hour where with sewing I feel like it takes me that long just to get organized every time I start something new!

  2. So cute! I have the Baby Edition For Her Kit and I think the For Him edition is much cuter.

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